BONDjournal      BONDjournal provides current research and information about the California municipal bond market. The information provided by BONDjournal assists institutional investors and other sophisticated market participants in their continuous surveillance of activities in the muni market.
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  About BONDjournal May 18, 2024 
BONDjournal was created and developed in 2001 to provide a comprehensive, Internet-based delivery platform for Calmuni research. The site was developed to deliver Calmuni research reports, a database of California municipal issues and issuers, a new issue municipal calendar and MSRB pricing data. The beneficiaries of BONDjournal include a wide spectrum of institutional municipal market clients that subscribe to the Calmuni Subscription Service.

BONDjournal was designed and developed to be highly scalable and capable of integrating municipal research and information pertaining to other states and sectors. Individuals or organizations interested in providing comparable research and/or complimentary information covering the municipal market through BONDjournal are encouraged to contact Jim Clark by email at or by snail mail at:

Jim Clark
5460 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618