BONDjournal      BONDjournal provides current research and information about the California municipal bond market. The information provided by BONDjournal assists institutional investors and other sophisticated market participants in their continuous surveillance of activities in the muni market.
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  About Calmuni July 21, 2024 


California Municipal Statistics, Inc. (Calmuni) was incorporated on December 30, 1932. Over the past 80+ years, Calmuni has built and maintained an extensive California municipal database and has secured a reputation for accuracy and reliability. Calmuni focuses exclusively on California local agency debt obligations and the underlying credit information pertaining to them.

Subscription Service

The Calmuni Subscription Service provides thorough coverage of the California municipal market with weekly mailings of new issue reports, annual updates and daily telephone support. In addition, Calmuni subscribers now have unlimited on-line access to Calmuni reports through E-Muni on the Internet. The Subscription Service covers a wide variety of California local agency obligations secured by taxes, assessments, general fund covenants and specific revenue streams:
General Obligation Bonds
Lease Revenue Bonds
Certificates of Participation
Tax Allocation Bonds
Mello-Roos Act Bonds
1915 Act Assessment Bonds
Sales Tax Revenue Bonds
Enterprise Revenue Bonds
Click here to obtain information on subscribing to the Calmuni Subscription Service.

Financial Advisory Support

Calmuni provides a variety of services and products to financial advisors, underwriters and bond counsel to aid in the preparation of official statements. In addition, many public agencies utilize Calmuni for help in the preparation of their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Every effort is made to meet the specific needs and production schedule of the client. Included products and services:
Direct and Overlapping Bonded Debt
Largest Local Secured Taxpayers
Historical Assessed Valuations
Historical Tax Levies and Delinquencies
Tax Rate summaries
Assessment District parcel summaries
Land Use Analysis

Continuing Disclosure

The same services and products prepared at the time of sale are available for purposes of continuing disclosure. Calmuni provides customized support for financial advisors, bond counsel, disclosure counsel and issuers to help facilitate ongoing continuing disclosure needs.

Research and Analytical Services

Calmuni provides in-depth contractual services for both public and private sector organizations. The Calmuni database is as flexible as it is extensive. Research and analysis can be easily tailored to meet the needs of the client. Among the services provided include:
Market share analysis
Credit analysis by sector
Portfolio credit evaluation
Revenue forecasting